3200 Series O Ring Rebuild Kit

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The Rebuild Kit is for our PGD3200, PGD3200X & PGD3200XPM Drivers and includes Viton O-rings for the hammer and anvil, O-rings for the damper assembly, housing O-ring seal, and EP 0 grease. A post driver works by simply moving compressed air. We recommend you replace all O rings annually or if you notice inadequate performance. Replacing these O rings will restore the compression and performance of your driver.

  • O-RING 76×2.65 NITRILE
  • O-RING 42.5×3.8 VITON pk 2
  • O-RING 44×5.3 VITON pk 2
  • O-RING 78×3.8 VITON
  • O-RING 92×2.65 NITRILE
  • TITAN EP 0 GREASE, 4 oz