PGD2875 Hammer Replacement



Needed Items:

  • 6mm hex wrench – included with your original driver in the tool pack
  • Packet of Blue Liquid Thread Lock (provided in kit)
  • Grease (provided in kit – please note that extra grease is provided for your use as part of the normal service routine, only a small amount will be used for the hammer replacement)
  • Replacement Driver Hammer (provided in kit)
  • Gasket (may not be used, but is provided in kit)

This process will take 10-20 minutes to complete. To familiarize yourself with this process, you may want to review a how-to video found on


Needed Items:

  • Use 6mm hex wrench to remove four (4) machine screws at the top of the lower cast body. These may be difficult to break loose. Using pipe or boxed end wrench for leverage may be helpful.

  • Use Caution in the next two steps, as the hammer can fall out unexpectantly – don’t let it fall to the ground or on something delicate.

  • Pull upper body apart from lower body
    • Engine and throttle can remain attached, taking care to not pull on the throttle cable and electrical connections

  • Hammer will slide out of upper body when turned upside down
    • If hammer sticks, you may need to tap housing on sturdy surface
    • This is the part that will be replaced


  • Inspect paper gasket on lower flange, replace with supplied gasket if damaged

  • Apply about a spoon full of supplied grease to the outside of the new hammer. Lubricate all surfaces of the hammer with this grease.
  • Slide lower body together with upper body
  • Apply two dabs of liquid Thread Lock to each machine screw
    • For best results, clean screw with wire brush, degreaser, or denatured alcohol before applying locking compound
  • Ensure washers are re-installed on machine screws
  • Thread screws into upper body
  • Tighten each screw
    • If you have a torque tool, tighten to 200 in-lb or 16 ft-lb
    • A secure joint can be achieved by hand tightening, but extra leverage (pipe or wrench) can help to achieve roughly 16 pounds of down force one-foot from the bolt.

  • Wrap-Up
  • Process is complete.
  • Use normal warm-up procedures to ensure adequate grease liquification and distribution
  • Periodically check grease in gearbox and add per the Operators Manual. The grease supplied can be used for this maintenance.