PGD3200X X-Series Contractor Grade Driver

PGD3200X X-Series Contractor Grade Driver

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Titan’s new PGD3200X post driver is powered by a Honda GX35,1.3hp engine. The Titan X Series Post Drivers are designed to accept a top handle or extended lower handle kit, each with independent throttle controls and a throttle junction connector allowing for dual throttle control. The Titan X Series Post Drivers can also be equipped with a lower handle kit, making it easier to drive posts and carry the driver from different positions. The Titan X Series 3¼” heavy duty threaded steel barrel and barrel cap design makes changing reducer sleeves fast and secure. The PGD3200X accommodates up to 3⅛” diameter pipe, and posts. Included is a 2½” adapter reducer sleeve for driving smaller posts and stakes. Additional reducer sleeves are available. 

This post driver is 100% self-contained, easy to lift, move, and carry down the fence line. No hoses or compressors. Drives posts in half the time and less physical effort of a manual driver. Assembled and serviced in the USA. Comes complete with rugged poly carry case, extra grease, and tool kit for servicing. 

Product Features 

  • Weighs 45 lbs. 
  • Compatible with top throttle, lower, and extended lower handle kits 
  • Offers up to 1,850 beats-per-minute 
  • Powered by 1.3 horsepower GX35 Honda 4-stroke engine 
  • 100% self-contained 
  • High-quality sealed bearings and Viton O-rings for long tool life 
  • Internal dampening springs to lessen vibration to the operator 
  • Handles are designed for comfort 
  • Throttle with on-off auto reset button and trigger throttle  
  • Simple recoil pull start  
  • Threaded barrel and cap design holds sleeves securely  
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the hammer 
  • Engine warranty provided by Honda